Teaching and learning process firstly begins at the family institution where parents have instilled their children from the very first day they were born until schooled where this responsibility shifts onto instructors. Universally, each of the countries bears 4 levels of education; i.e., primary education, secondary education, vocational education, and tertiary education to serve a variety of backgrounds of learners and their foci on subsequent careers. It is unquestionably perceived that academic and research quality, particularly in higher education institutions, is equally important to academic and research integrity where one delivers live up to the global trends contents to learners while is fully committed to morals and ethics and translates them through lessons.

    Academic integrity does not only refer to avoiding plagiarism and crediting those who contribute first hand knowledge through studies and experimentations and serve as origins of knowledge sources but expanded as to how these reflect responsibilities for communities, nations and an even greater scale of global level, ranging from healthy human resource development, equally accessed health service delivery and treatment, technology that both responds to need/emerging needs of people while at the same time poses less impacts to the planet, to name just a few.

    The ASAIHL International Conference on “Academic Integrity in the 21st Century,” to be convened by Naresuan University, in cooperation with the Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning, Thailand on November 6 – 11, 2022 will offers a wide range of opportunity for academia, researchers, entrepreneurs and enthusiastic stakeholders from both the public sector and the industry to synergize and weed out recommendations and solutions in terms of integrity and topics of relevancy like morals and ethics driven towards the three clusters; Health Sciences Cluster, Science and Technology Cluster, and Social Sciences Cluster.


•  To offer an opportunity for academia, researchers, entrepreneurs and enthusiastic stakeholders to share experiences and best practices on academic integrity.
•  To build up an academic/research/entrepreneurial network and strengthen existing cooperation among academia and researchers.
•  To develop knowledge and understanding of academic integrity and its related areas to better implement in a number of different contexts pertaining to participants.

Main Theme:

“Academic Integrity in the 21st Century”

Sub Themes:

• Medical treatment and products in health service system

• Think earth: adaptation of technology and innovation

• Shaping ethical global citizens through education

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